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Callies COMPSTAR Connecting Rods
COMPSTAR Connecting Rods
Designed and produced with engineering and finishing advancements, Compstar connecting rods have what it takes to make your engine build trouble-free and your finished product reliable. Produced from heat treated and stress relieved 4340 material, our H-beam Compstar rods are fully machined with a shot blasted Stress Riser free surface. Finished and sized in our plant in Ohio, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maximize repeatability and dependability. ARP 2000 bolts are standard. All lengths are stroker clearanced. See for yourself why Compstar can improve your bottom line and reputation!
  • Big End Bore Sizing
    Compstar rods maintain dimensional repeatability through use of a lengthy stress relief process, and multiple re-torque processing. The combination of the release of residual machining stresses and burnishing of threads and bolt spotfaces ensure that big end bores stay round regardless of how many times your rods are disassembled and re-assembled.
  • Preparation Time
    Compstar connecting rods have the most common prep work already done for you! Pin bushings are chamfered and honed for proper high performance oil clearance. Parting line edges are generously chamfered to resist scraping during insertion of the bearing shells. The bearing locating tab slots are de-burred to ensure the bearing tab is fully seated for trouble free installation.
  • No Costly Upgrades
    Compstar rods were designed with higher HP stroker motors in mind from the start. Bolt upgrades and stroker clearance (normally additional cost options with other MFG's rods), are standard with Compstar rods.
  • Reduced Weight
    The Compstar engineering staff has worked very hard at reducing weight without sacrificing strength and durability. 3D solid modeling software has enabled us to refine our design while monitoring predicted weight, resulting in a very high strength to weight ratio.
Compstar engineering leads the way in High Value connecting rod design. The original Compstar H-beam rods were conceived around the idea that high quality and affordability can come in the same package. The time saved in preparation for use becomes an added value that you’ll discover during your engine build. Dimensional repeatability and the proper clearances for high performance use right out of the box also add value, as well as peace of mind. Attention to detail has long been the trademark of Compstar rods.

- ARP 2000 bolts are standard unless noted otherwise.
- All Rods have 7/16 Rod Bolts (exc. SBC w/Honda Journals which have 3/8 rod bolts)
- Rods are made to clear the block for 3.750 stroker cranks and normal cam lifts to about 560 lift
COMPSTAR I-Beam HD Series Rods
Notice: Callies has discontinued their production of Compstar I-Beam connecting rods. We still have some in our inventory but once they have been purchased we won't be able to get any more - when they're gone, they're gone!

Compstar Heavy Duty connecting rods are built for high horsepower, high RPM, big displacement engines. Numerous design features found only on more expensive custom connecting rods have been incorporated into the Compstar HD Rod. As demanded by their High Value design criteria, Compstar engineers carefully examined every square millimeter of these components, leaving nothing to chance. See for yourself:
  • Increased material at 45 degrees to the tower in the commonly weak shoulder area
  • Parting line footprint increased by 23% provides greater housing bore stability
  • Contoured tower flanges and pin end housing
  • Added material strengthening the pin collar
  • Available with 7/16 diameter ARP L19 cap screws
  • Robust cap featuring twin-rib design
  • AISI 4340 material

These added features combined with recognized precision by Compstar make the Callies Compstar I-Beam HD Connecting Rod the best High Value rod in the market today.

Size Pin Typical wt Part # Price Buy
Small Block
5.7002.000581gCSA5700CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
5.7002.100603gCSA5700DS2A2AH $559.99 order here
5.8502.000587gCSA5850CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
5.8502.100609gCSA5850DS2A2AH $559.99 order here
6.0001.888525gCSA6000AS2A0AH $584.99 order here
6.0002.000591gCSA6000CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.0002.100612gCSA6000DS2A2AH$539.99 order here
6.1252.000596gCSA6125CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.1252.100617gCSA6125DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.2002.000598gCSA6200CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.2002.100615gCSA6200DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.2502.100619gCSA6250DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.3002.100626gCSA6300DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.5002.100649gCSA6500DS2A2AJ $584.99 order here
Big Block H-Beam (with ARP L-19 Bolt)
6.1352.200813gCSB6135ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
6.3852.100732gCSB6385DS3B4AH$584.99 order here
6.3852.200816gCSB6385ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
6.5352.200820gCSB6535ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
6.6602.200805gCSB6660ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
6.7002.200825gCSB6700ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
6.8002.200810gCSB6800ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
7.1002.200830gCSB7100ES3B9AH$584.99 order here
Small Block Ford
5.4002.123 572gCSF5400HS2F2AH$584.99 order here
LS1 6.1002.100611gCSC6100DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LS1 6.100 (.943 Pin) 2.100612gCSC6100DS6A2AH $584.99 order here
LS1 6.1252.000595gCSC6125CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LS1 6.1252.100618gCSC6125DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LS1 6.2002.100625gCSC6200DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LSX 6.3402.000630gCSC6340CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LSX 6.4402.000639gCSC6440CS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LSX 6.4602.100647gCSC6460DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
LSX 6.5602.100655gCSC6560DS2A2AH $584.99 order here
6.1252.100617gCSA6125DS2A2AH$584.99 order here
BB Mopar
6.7602.500872gCSE6760FS3D5AH$584.99 order here
Viper V-10
6.1502.125 CSD6150GS2E1AH$1,022.99 order here
6.250 (10) 2.125628gCSD6250GS2E1AH *$1,022.99 order here
COMPSTAR I-Beam (HD Series)
: Callies has discontinued their production of Compstar I-Beam HD Series rods. We still have some in our inventory but once they have been purchased we won't be able to get any more - when they're gone, they're gone!
Size Pin Typical wt Part # Price Buy
Small Block
6.0002.100630gCSA6000DS2A2AI$789.99 order here
6.0002.000623gCSA6000CS2A2AI$789.99 order here
5.8502.100618gCSA5850DS2A2AI$789.99 order here
5.8502.000636gCSA5850CS2A2AI$789.99 order here
6.1252.100642gCSA6125DS2A2AI$789.99 order here
6.1252.000633gCSA6125CS2A2AI$789.99 order here
6.2002.100644gCSA6200DS2A2AI$789.99 order here
Big Block
6.660 2.200822gCSB6660ES3B9AI$789.99 order here
6.700 2.200829gCSB6700ES3B9AI$789.99 order here
6.800 2.200832gCSB6800ES3B9AI$789.99 order here
6.125 2.000643gCSC6125CS2A2AI$789.99 order here
6.125 2.000647gCSC6125DS2A2AI)$789.99 order here
* Must use Bearing Insert Part Number CB1808HN With Viper Rod Part Number CSD6250GS2E1AH

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