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Eliminator Performance Products
Premier Eliminator Ford Block
Premier Eliminator Ford Block
Premier Eliminator Ford Block
Premier Eliminator Ford Block
Premier Eliminator Ford Block

Eliminator Performance
Premier Block (BBF 460)
The Premier block is our top of the line 10.3 deck height cast iron block. It has Siamese cylinder bores and therefore capable of a 4.700 bore diameter. Complete with machined billet 8620 steel 4-bolt main caps #1 thru #5, A1 fasteners, stout valley tray, cam tunnel machined to 2.50, and all the goodies.

Premier Block Features:
Engineered for the serious racer!

  • Capable of 4.700 bore diameter with a nominal .200 wall thickness
  • Siamese water jacket design w/addt'l jacket volume for water to assist cyl. bore cooling
  • Unique 'Solid-Ladder' valley tray w/crosshatch stiffening, for unbelievable top end strength
  • All five crankshaft caps are all machined from 8620 billet steel
  • All five crankshaft caps have a 4-bolt configuration
  • Splayed caps #2, #3 and #4 (straight 4-bolt configuration on caps #1 and #5)
  • Caps secured with chrome moly studs, bolts, washers and nuts
  • Machined for dedicated oiling to main bearings and oil grooves in main journals
  • Machined for 18-bolt cylinder head configuration
  • Machined for roller cam bearings
  • Screw-in freeze plugs

Eliminator offers four versions of blocks, including the Premier, Ultra, HP Billet, HP Sportsman.

IDT Eliminator Blocks
Eliminator Block
Type Part # Premier Block Description Price Order
ELIM-385-10.3P Designed for 2500+ HP. Capable of 4.700 bore, minimum Bore is 4.500, Siamese water jacket, all five crankshaft caps are all machined from 8620 billet steel, all five crankshaft caps have a 4-bolt configuration, 18-Bolt Head Pattern (can be used with 10 bolt heads), splayed caps #2, #3 and #4, chrome moly stud hardware, machined for improved oiling, roller cam bearing and screw-in freeze plugs.

Torque Specs/Main Studs:
1/2 95 lbs
7/16 70 lbs
Centers 110 lbs

Note: Max stroke 4.750" (may need clearancing on piston skirt depending on design). Max cu. in 638cc
$3069 Call us now to Order
Pistons & Rings
- 4.675 Bore sizes with 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 Plasma Moly Rings.    
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