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    ISKY Racing Lifters

  Anti-Pump-Up Hydraulics
Although the Isky patented SUPERLIFTER outwardly appears similar to a standard hydraulic tappet, there is a world of difference in the function of the internal mechanism and design. SUPERLIFTERS allow you to use a more radical camshaft without their seats, and because SUPERLIFTERS do not bleed down completely, they are far more durable and reliable than any others on the market. These are sold in sets of 16.
Note: *True-Arc Snap Ring feature is available on 202 HY lifter only.
Part # Description Price Order
202-HY For all Chevrolet and Pontiac V8 engines Plus 1968 & Later Olds V8 (.842" dia.) * $115 order here
3052-HY American Motors 290-401 V8 $119 order here

  Hardenable Iron Solids
These are the ultimate in dependability and performance when used in conjunction with ISKY HI-REV SERIES solid lifter cams. Engineered with the stress of Hi-Speed competition in mind, they are also excellent as HI PERFORMANCE replacement for stock lifters when overhauling an engine or replacing the camshaft. Stronger by design yet lighter in weight than the stock components they replace, ISKY hardenable Iron Solid Lifters are an absolute necessity for today's sophisticated racing engines. These are sold in sets of 16.
Part # Description Price Order
202-H For all Chevrolet and Pontiac V8 Engines $109 order here
3102-H All Chrysler Products $189 order here
342-H (8) Ford V6 Engines (2600/2800cc) $55 order here
342-H (12) Ford V6 Engines (2600/2800cc) $75 order here
382-H All Ford V8 Engines $115 order here

  Quiet Power Hydraulics
ISKY has available premium-quality stock replacement hydraulic valve lifters. They are ideal for installation with our famous SUPERCAM series of economy-performance camshafts as well as with any other application where a drop-in stock replacement hydraulic lifter is required. These are sold in sets of 16.
Part # Description Price Order
222-HY All Chevrolet V8 Engines
Chevy V6 and 230/250 inline 6 Cyl.
$89 order here
392-HY Ford V8 332/352/360/361/390/391/427/428
Lincoln V8 430-462
Ford 6 Cyl. 144/170/200/25
$99 order here
432-HY Ford V8 221/260/289/302/351/400/370/429/460
Ford 6 Cyl. 240-300
$95 order here
3912-HY Chrysler "B" Engine 383-440 $125 order here
3912-AHY Chrysler "A" Engine 273/318/340/360 $95 order here
692-HY Pontiac V8; Olds V8, '68+Up, .842" Dia. $99 order here

  Chilled Iron Solids
Isky Chilled Iron Solid lifters are compatible with our hardface overlay series cams only (not for cast billet type cams). Hardened by the chill-plate method which produces ideal surface grain structure, they are the only flat tappets that will survive in the grueling environment of today's funny car, fuel-dragster and competition engines. These are sold in sets of 16.
Part # Description Price Order
F85-02 Ford/Mercury V8 1932-53.
Good for all Solid Cams - Adjustable
$189 order here
302-H Ford/Mercury T-Bird Y-Block V8 272/292/312
Good for all Solid Cams               
$305 order here

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