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The parts listed on this page are no longer available for purchase


  400 Small Block Caps
Bullet-proof the bottom end with these 4 bolt conversion caps. Precision milled from premium billet material, OLIVER caps feature 10, splayed outer bolt holes that positively reinforce and tie the block webs together. Available w/a step for either a 2 or 4 bolt register, aerly and late style Bowtie blocks or w/flat bottoms to fit a milled register.
Big Block Caps
These rugged billet caps are a direct replacement, w/straight bolt configuration that precisely fit the stock block registers.

For a simple three step tightening procedure for your caps & bolts, click here!

Small Block - Main Caps (Sets)
Description Price
350-400 Center Cap, flat or step or 2-bolt bow tie (3 pieces). No fasteners. $199
Small Block - Main Cap (Single)
Description Price
350-400 Front Cap, 2-bolt $70
350 Front Cap, 4-bolt $99
350-400 Rear Dry Cap $219
350-400 Rear Wet Cap $279
350 Rear Dry Bow Tie Cap $179
350 Rear Wet Bow Tie Cap $219
350 Rear Dry Combo Cap - to convert a 1-piece seal to a 2-piece seal type $219
350 Rear Wet Combo Cap - to convert a 1-piece seal to a 2-piece seal type $219
Big Block - Main Cap (Sets)
Description Price
Big Block Chevy Center Cap (4-pieces) Straight Bolts $325
Big-Block Chevy Center Cap (3-pieces) Angle Bolts $285
Big Block - Main Cap (Single)
Description Price
Big Block Chevy Rear Dry Cap $299
Big Block Chevy Rear Wet Cap $339
The three step tightening procedure using the stretch method
Step 1
After cleaning and visual inspection of all components, lubricate the bolt threads and under the head using recommended lubricant.
Step 2
Bring caps into alignment & tap into place, before installing bolts. DO NOT use the bolts to PULL caps into position. Tighten & release approx. 5 cycles.
Step 3
Seat the pointed ends of the gauge into the bolt dimples. Adjust the gauge so it has approx. .050" preload. Align the needle to "0". With shims installed tighten until prescribed stretch is achieved.

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