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Premium Race Series Ultra-Light Forged Steel Connecting Rods (I-Beam)

Probe PRS Ultr Light 4340 Forged Steel Connecting Rods are designed for applications where throttle response is extremely important.  Oval Track 9 to 1, or naturally aspirated drag race engines require ultra light components to get the winning edge.  Probe provides it. Probe PRS Ultra Light Rods are precision machined on the latest in CNC machinery.  Each rod cap is fitted with precision ground alignment sleeves, which eliminate "cap walk" under high load conditions.  Probe Premium Race Series Ultra Light Connecting Rods have ARP 8740 rod bots installed as standard.  Bolt centers have been optimized for minimum weight with maximum strength.  ARP L19 or ARP 2000 bolts are available on request.  PRS Ultra Light Rods are fully machined in the beam for maximum weight removal, as well as around the periphery of the rods.


Style Length Journal Big End Width Pin Weight Part # Price
5.394-B18a/b 5.290 1.770 .935 .827 New 1203-12038 $279
5.290-B16A 5.430 1.770 .935 .827 New 1203-12039 $279
5.580-2.0/2.2 5.580 1.888 .935 .866 New 1203-12040 $279
5.636-2.3 VTEC 5.636 1.888 .935 .866 474 1203-12041 $279