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TRW Pistons
TRW Pistons - Forged/Hypereutectic
IMPORTANT: ** Our TRW Piston pages are for reference only, as TRW pistons (which were made in Taiwan), have been discontinued and there is little to no stock left. We suggest you take a look at other quality piston MFG’s for a matching set, or we can make up exact replacement sets as a custom build for you. Give us a ring at (603) 378-0090. **
AMC Pistons - Custom Forged by Flatlander/Wiseco
(TRW Pistons for AMC no longer available)
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Before you Click on a link above to purchase a set of TRW Pistons, here is some interesting info on TRW you might want to know...
- Phil C. (owner of Flatlander Racing)

TRW pistons were designed in the 1950’s, and at the time when I started building motors that was about all we had other than the stock cast pistons. When motor needs increased in strength, TRW filled the need with a lot of the most popular performance pistons that were far stronger than the stock cast ones. However, there are some problems with these pistons...
Older TRW Technology Issues... New Flatlander Piston Advantages!
  1. The TRW designs are very old and do not take into consideration present technologies for today’s performance needs.
  2. In most cases the pistons weigh 20-30% more than pistons made today (= loss of HP)
  3. The material used in those days does not compare to today’s standards, and the pistons are not as strong.
  4. The piston to wall clearance is greater than pistons made now (= loss of power)
  5. Most pistons use out dated ring packs which cause more wear-n-tear on the cylinders, and do not conform to the cylinder walls well (= loss of power)
  6. More and more part #’s are not available for purchase.
  7. A large # of pistons were designed for use in high octane gas which is not feasible today, and which does not allow the customer to drop the compression w/o milling the piston, or using a thicker head gasket (which hurts the quench), again = loss of HP.
  8. Pin weights were not a consideration at the time, on today’s pistons the standard pins are typically lighter and stronger.
Better piston to wall clearance

Stronger material 4032 low expansion.

Depending on the bore size,new style Plasma Moly or nitrous rings are an option.

Top ring grove have gas distribution grooves.

Lighter pins (110 grams on SBC .927 pins.), with the option for heavier or lighter pins (with pin weight options, the total weight of the piston & pin can be further reduced, not available using TRW)

These pistons are made in the USA (some of our customers have stated that the new TRW pistons are possibly being made overseas?)
New Flatlander Forged Pistons:
We now offer forged pistons for all the old applications (with a 4.00 bore and greater in any bore and compression required). Our pistons will be made by Race Tec (a break away from J.E Pistons). We will offer these pistons at cost, quite comparable to the old TRW piston pricing.

  • Pistons are sold in sets of 6 (for 6 cylinder) or 8 (for 8 cylinder motors) - singles not available.
  • The dome or dish may look different from the originals, but the compressions will be the same. We can even make D cup pistons.
  • Some of the pistons available today will have to use some of the old ring packs in Moly (not all sizes are covered any more for the new performance ring pack’s).
  • You will have to rebalance the ass’y with new pistons.
  • Our pistons have to be pre-ordered, and at this time take about 14 days to ship after you place your order.
  • Piston kits include: Pistons, pins and clips (rings are extra).

Pricing & Availability on Pistons (sets of 8)
(you can use a TRW # for specific compression unless you want a change in compression).
Available for Chevy LS1 (under 4.00 bore), ALL other pistons must be 4.00 bore or greater.

SBC Chevy F/T  $525
SBC dome/inv.dome  $592
BBC F/T  $565
BBC F/T 4.500 or larger  $612
BBC dome/inv dome  $632
BBC inv/dome 4.500+  $685
LS1 F/T  $525
LS1 dome/dish (including Boss,Clevor,289 hi-po)  $592
For L6 motors:
Chevy 235 54-62 F/T $459
Chevy 230 63-70 F/T$459
Chevy 292 63-86 F/T $459
AMC 258 79-89 F/T $459
Ford 300 65-86 F/T $459
Pontiac 2.5(151) 79-92 F/T $459
SBF F/T (incl. 292 & 312 Y Block)  $525
SBF dome/dish  $592
BBF F/T (incl. 429) $566
BBF over 4.500  $612
BBF dish/dome (including 352,390,406,427,429) $632
BBF dish.dome 4.500+  $685
SB Chry F/T  $525
SB Chry dish/dome  $592
BB Chry F/T (incl. 413) $569
BB Chry dish/dome  $632
BB Chry dish/dome 4.500+  $685
SB or BB Pontiac, Olds, AMC F/T $566, Dish/dome (incl. 389/400/455) $612
(These prices are for the most common heads, exotic aftermarket heads may be more)


Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090

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